Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tourists Rescued by Elephants

Yesterday 16 German tourists were successfully rescued by 4 experienced elephants. The tourists had been trekking in Khuk Khak when they were trapped by rains.

The tourists were on an elephant trek in the hills behind Baan Thung Kamin. They were riding young elephants. There was a torrential downpour which caused damage to a river defence. The young elephants that the tourists were on were afraid to cross the fast flowing river.

The tour guide called in the problem and 4 older and more experienced elephants were dispatched to rescue the tourists. They managed to reach the stranded tourists and cross the fast flowing river, and then get them to safety. The mahouts of the younger elephants stayed out all night and crossed the river the following day.

It is a good story as it shows the ability of the elephant trekking companies to deal with problems. It also shows the hard lot of mahouts who must stay with their elephants come rain or shine.

Story from Phuket Gazette

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