Thursday, 8 March 2012

Surfing in Khao Lak

Best time to surf in Khao Lak

Khao Lak is one of the best places in Thailand to surf. In surf terms that is not saying a great deal. Bali and places in Australia are much better for swell. However, there are waves you can surf in Khao Lak. There is slightly more swell in the rainy season that runs from mid May to October. This might sound like a long rainy season, but most of the heavy storms come in September. The good thing about coming to Khao Lak during the rainy season is that prices for Khao Lak accommodation are greatly reduced.

Prices and places to surf

You can rent boards in Khao Lak town next to Nang Tong beach. Typically an hour rental on a surf board costs 300 THB - which is about $30. There are surf shops in Nang Tong that offer instruction. The video below is of Lee. He is an instructor. Even if you have your own board with you, it is a good idea to check out the surf shops as they will have the low-down on the best spots to surf. There are 3 breaks on Pakarang Beach and there are a few beach breaks on Nang Tong beach.

Alternatives to surfing

Of course if the waves are not right for you, then there is always bodyboarding. It is easy to buy a cheap bodyboard made of foam and plastic (they snap easily). Many places rent out better body boards by the hour.

Finally, another fun activity to enjoy in the waves is kayaking. You have to launch the boat over the waves to get out and then you can 'ride' the waves back into the coast.

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