Saturday, 26 September 2015

Khao Lak Horse Club

Khao Lak Horse club is 4 Kilometres from the beach. The trail is through a beautiful wooded area and then down an unpaved track. It is a pleasant ride in itself taking in the local natural scenery far from cars and roads. It is a chance to see the natural beauty of the area away from the resorts, bars and shops.

Eventually the track gives way to a quiet road. The horseback ride goes past the Bang Niang Temple complex. After that Bang Niang’s golden sands are reached. The horseback tour takes you cantering at the water’s edge. Life doesn’t get much better. It is a wide beach and so there is little worry about having to pick a path between people enjoying the beach. Instead you can take in the immense beauty of the beach and those happily using the beach. There is time to dismount, re-hydrate and get on the horse for more riding.

You can see the horseback ride to Bang Niang Beach on the video above.

The horses used by Khao Lak Horse Club are fairly small and of course very docile. Even those with little riding experience can soon master the animals. Of course, the horses tend to follow the lead horse and the guide so there is little problem controlling the horse.

You get the chance to practice trotting around the paddock before heading out on your ride.

You can get riding sessions of 2 hours or more. The club offers mountain or beach rides. There are a total of 10 horses at the club. Some are Arabian and some Quarter.


Mountain Trail .............. 2,000 - 3,000
Beach Trail ................................. 3,000
1 hour  lesson ........................... 1,500
5 Hour introductory class: ....... 5,000


The club is fairly new and only has 9 reviews on Trip Advisor at the time of writing. So far Khao Lak Horse Club has only got ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’ ratings.

One reviewer mentions how well the horses are looked after. This is an important consideration for many tourists. For many who visit elephant camps, snake farms etc. there is often a feeling the animals are not treated as well as they could be.


Telephone: +66 93 727 1552

Address: Soi Chongfah Waterfall, Ban Khao Lak, Phangnga, Thailand

The Khaolak Horse Club is located on the road to Chongfah Waterfall, about 2 KM from the main road. The ranch is open every day.

The main man is called ‘Ju’.