Saturday, 26 September 2015

Khao Lak Horse Club

Khao Lak Horse club is 4 Kilometres from the beach. The trail is through a beautiful wooded area and then down an unpaved track. It is a pleasant ride in itself taking in the local natural scenery far from cars and roads. It is a chance to see the natural beauty of the area away from the resorts, bars and shops.

Eventually the track gives way to a quiet road. The horseback ride goes past the Bang Niang Temple complex. After that Bang Niang’s golden sands are reached. The horseback tour takes you cantering at the water’s edge. Life doesn’t get much better. It is a wide beach and so there is little worry about having to pick a path between people enjoying the beach. Instead you can take in the immense beauty of the beach and those happily using the beach. There is time to dismount, re-hydrate and get on the horse for more riding.

You can see the horseback ride to Bang Niang Beach on the video above.

The horses used by Khao Lak Horse Club are fairly small and of course very docile. Even those with little riding experience can soon master the animals. Of course, the horses tend to follow the lead horse and the guide so there is little problem controlling the horse.

You get the chance to practice trotting around the paddock before heading out on your ride.

You can get riding sessions of 2 hours or more. The club offers mountain or beach rides. There are a total of 10 horses at the club. Some are Arabian and some Quarter.


Mountain Trail .............. 2,000 - 3,000
Beach Trail ................................. 3,000
1 hour  lesson ........................... 1,500
5 Hour introductory class: ....... 5,000


The club is fairly new and only has 9 reviews on Trip Advisor at the time of writing. So far Khao Lak Horse Club has only got ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’ ratings.

One reviewer mentions how well the horses are looked after. This is an important consideration for many tourists. For many who visit elephant camps, snake farms etc. there is often a feeling the animals are not treated as well as they could be.


Telephone: +66 93 727 1552

Address: Soi Chongfah Waterfall, Ban Khao Lak, Phangnga, Thailand

The Khaolak Horse Club is located on the road to Chongfah Waterfall, about 2 KM from the main road. The ranch is open every day.

The main man is called ‘Ju’.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Khao Nayak

Khao Nayak is the name of a rock and coral reef off the coast of Khao Lak. It is considered by dive companies as an alternative to diving at the Similian Islands. It is much closer to the coast and offers an easy dive with the guarantee of plenty to see.

There are two main advantages to diving or snorkelling in Khao Nayak. Firstly, the dive site is only 45 minutes away from Khao Lak by longtail boat (and of course just 25 minutes by speedboat). And secondly, that it is a shallow dive.

Many people would like to experience the colourful and diverse marine eco-system made up of corals and a vast array of fish but are put off by the commitment necessary in terms of time and money to sign up for a liveaboard trip to the Similan Islands.

Khao Nayak is in Thap Lamu Bay at the entrance to a river. It is close to the shoreline. It is a convenient spot to get to and will appeal to those who don’t like long boat journeys. Lots of dive shops and tour companies organise day trips to the coral reef. You can find both snorkelling trips as well as dive trips to the area.

For divers the main advantage of Khao Nayak is the shallow depth. It is only 12 meters deep. This is great for beginners still learning for their PADI qualifications as well as experienced divers who want more time under the water exploring.

The dive spot has plenty of colourful nudibranchs. It is also home to ghost pipefish, lion fish and lots of other colourful fish. If you are lucky you might see a ray or even a leopard shark.

Many tours will include a trip to Khao Nayak Beach. Because of the mountain behind this beach is only accessed by sea. It is a stunning white sand beach. The sea is great for swimming and the beach for relaxing. Due to its location this beach is completely undeveloped – there are no shops, restaurants or resorts here. Not even a beach vendor. Tours will usually provide refreshments and food but be sure to bring your towel and plenty of sun cream.

Exploring Khao Nayak makes a great day out and gives you the experience of visiting an area devoid of tourist development. This in itself can be a real treat in Thailand.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Koh Prathong - Golden Monk Island

Koh Prathong is one of the least visited islands in Thai waters. It is located just north of Koh Kho Khao, just off the Andaman coast at the northern end of the Khao Lak area. It is possible to travel independently to Koh Prathong or to take a tour. Either way, if you are in the area you should make time in your schedule to visit this island with unspoiled nature.

While plenty of tourists make the small trip over from the Andaman coast mainland to Koh Kho Khao, few make it on to the neighbouring island of Koh Prathong. It is reached by a 1.5 hour boat journey from Kuraburi. Alternatively, you can join a tour group that leaves from Baan Nam Kem Pier. If you are staying in Khao Lak it is easy to find a tour going to Koh Prathong. The price of these tours usually includes free transfers to and from your hotel.

Koh Prathong was granted National Park Status in 2001. As a result it is protected against development that encroaches on the natural environment. The west coast has a series of golden sand beaches. The interior contains ‘Thailand’s Savannah’ composed of grass land and forests containing Melaleuca trees. Tours divide the island into four zones: coastal, savannah, mangrove and marine jungle

The island has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. There are over 100 species of birds. Other animals include the Lesser Adjutant Stork, Sambar Deer, the nocturnal Fishing Cat and Red Muntjak.

The ocean off the coast has coral reefs that are home to lobsters and numerous types of fish. You can snorkel the reefs.

The main village is called Ta Pae Yoi. It is a small community of Thais and Moken (sea gypsies). They lead traditional lives of farming, fishing and boat building. Near the village is a turtle nursery. Koh Prathong is one of the best places in Thailand to witness the turtles laying their eggs and also the eggs hatching and the younglings attempting their epic journey to the sea for the first time.

For those who want to spend some time exploring Koh Prathong and enjoying its great beaches there are a few small bungalow resorts on the north-west coast. They are simple wooden bungalows made from local and sustainable materials. A bungalow for 2 people including breakfast for 2 costs 800 Thai Baht.

This is an island without any concrete roads. It is sparsely populated and easily one of the ‘wildest’ places in Thailand that is accessible to tourists. It is ideal for those with an interest in eco-tourism. There are no cars or trucks on the island. People get about in homemade tractors pulling a trailer for passengers. These charming vehicles are called Tak Tak Cars.

Koh Prathong translates as ‘Golden Monk Island’. It is believed to refer to a golden statue or deity that was once housed in a temple on the island. The golden statue has gone but the golden beaches remain as does the natural environment. It is a place worthy of reverence.

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